Oral Surgery in Experienced Hands

Oral surgery is sometimes necessary to ensure your oral health and overall well-being. When you need such surgery, you need to know that you are trusting yourself to an oral surgeon with solid training and experience. At Tall Pines Dental Centre, we work with a skilled oral surgeon to provide the care you need in a comfortable and relaxing environment. We are committed to helping patients achieve healthier smiles.

If you or a loved one require oral surgery, contact our office to schedule a consultation today with our oral surgeon, Dr. John McIntosh.  Dr. McIntosh is a board certified oral surgeon.

Surgical Needs We Address

There are a variety of dental issues that oral surgery can solve. With the right application, oral surgery helps you achieve a healthier smile you can feel good about.  All of these can be done with local freezing or in the care of nurses under deep sedation.

Surgical procedures we provide include:

Extractions for impacted teeth – Impacted teeth can increase the chances of infection, and cause overcrowding, misalignment, and malocclusion. Teeth which have failed to erupt properly, such as wisdom molars, require extraction to promote optimal oral health.

Extractions for badly damaged or infected teeth – Likely from an accident or tooth decay, extracting damaged or decayed teeth helps protect the smile from the spread of infection and may alleviate tooth and jaw pain.

Dental implant placement - Titanium posts are strategically and precisely placed into the jaw to provide support for a dental prosthetic. Skill and careful planning go into choosing the placement and angle of the implants to provide the strength and proper fit your prosthetic(s) need to replicate the function and aesthetic of a natural smile.

The Dental Care You Need in a Positive Environment

At Tall Pines Dental Centre, we care passionately about the well-being of each patient who comes through our door. We are a family-friendly practice dedicated to caring for all levels of need, from simple cleanings and exams to dental implants.

Whatever your dental situation, we are happy to help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. CALL US TODAY! 

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