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New dental technology and hi-tech diagnostic tools are changing the way that modern dentists operate. Here are some of the ways that our Doctors are taking dentistry into the new millennium at Tall Pines Dental Centre.

  • CBCT Radiography - Now we can take 3D images of you mouth and teeth.  This technology can be used to verify adequate bone for implants among other things. 

  • Digital Scanner -  Hate impressions?  This new technology eliminated most impressions by taking many pictures and scans your mouth which is simply sent digitally to a lab.

  • Digital Radiography - No more film x-rays.  Get fast images with lower dosages of radiation.   

  • Implants-  ill-fitting dentures can be fitted with new mini implants to give the stability they have been lacking for a fraction of the cost of regular implants.  Many cases can be completed in one appointment!  Regular implants are also available for missing single or multiple teeth.

  • Intraoral Camera - with the marvelous optical surgical instruments today, it is easier for us to carefully examine the minute details of your teeth and mouth.  Intraoral cameras are a great assistance in demonstrating areas of concern as well as seeing where our eyes cannot!


  • Air Abrasion - often, with small or shallow areas of decay, we can now repair teeth without the use of "drills" or "freezing".  Our "Air Abrasion" equipment works like a tiny "sand blaster" to eliminate decayed areas with minimal damage to the tooth and almost no sensation.  This actually can make simple restorative dentistry a truly stress free and pleasant experience.


  • Comfort Items - modern dentistry can be done with virtually no discomfort.  Today's anaesthetics (freezing drugs) are much more effective than in years gone by and, at Tall Pines Dental Centre, we are extremely careful to make sure that injections are virtually pain free using gentle patient techniques.  We can provide extra pillows or blankets to add to your comfort experience and we also have a large library of music for you to enjoy with your own personal stereo system to assist in distraction.



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